Destination Guide

Like so much of New England, Rhode Island is famed for its abundance of natural beauty and a culture rich with art and history as well as a vibrant social and sporting life. The island is a haven for sporting aficionados, with lawn and all-weather tennis, golf, polo and, of course, sailing, given Newport’s long association with the America’s Cup. Newport is famous for its Gilded Age mansions, the legacy of 12-metre yachting and its many music festivals, from jazz and folk to classical music. With its chic restaurants, boutiques, artist’s galleries and markets, Newport is an excellent holiday destination.

The dramatic coastline is punctuated by long sandy beaches, historic lighthouses and vineyards. The island’s capital, Providence, is home to Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. It offers a vast array of performance art, exhibitions and galleries. From Vanderbilts to Astors, Dukes to Kennedys, Newport has remained a magnet for high society for over a hundred years.

We hope you like our pocket guide with our concierge’s carefully chosen local recommendations, featuring the must-sees and a selection of the exciting events which take place throughout the year in Newport.