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Grace Santorini invites guests to relish the best in Mediterranean fusion gastronomy and experience dining at its finest in its elegant, sea view restaurant or under the open sky. Balmy evenings are complemented by signature cocktails at the Grace Pool bar and the stunning views of the sparkling Aegean Sea.


10th Anniversary Celebration
Musical Sunsets at Grace Santorini

Join us this summer season to celebrate our 10th anniversary with four nights of live thematic performances by the talented singer, Antonis Dominos, paired with signature cocktails and superb flavours at Santoro Restaurant.

Wednesday 13 June – Summer Is Here!

Our 10th anniversary celebrations commence with singer Antonis Dominos performing the most refreshing summer songs.
125 euros per person, based on Santoro’s Signature Tasting menu, designed to highlight Santorini produce such as fava and pistachios.
Wine pairing featuring Santorini wines (additional 32 euros per person).

Wednesday, 4 July – Independence Day

A special evening dedicated to the US Independence Day, with Antonis Dominos performing a selection of classic American hits.
124 euros per person, based on Santoro’s signature cuisine with a twist of traditional American ingredients.
Wine pairing featuring Santorini wines (additional 39 euros per person).

Sunday, 26 August – Fly me to the moon

Santorini is famous for its sunsets, yet the August full moon has a special charm. Singer Antonis Dominos performs a series of passionate ballads.
145 euros per person, based on astrology and the four elements of the zodiac signs: Water, Air, Fire, Earth.
Pairing with cocktails and wines / 38 euros per person.

Sunday, 23 September – Summer Ends with Grace

The grand finale as summer draws to a close, featuring a string of upbeat hits performed by Antonis Dominos.
128 euros per person, based on Santoro’s menu concept, showcasing an array of autumn produce including rabbit, pigeon and grapes.
Pairing with cocktails inspired by dance-related films.

All performances commence at 8:30pm. Reservations are required. Non-hotel guests are also welcome. 

For reservations, please contact Concierge.Santorini@gracehotels.com or call +30-22860-21300.

Please see below the special menus created by Santoro’s Executive Chef, Spyros Agious.

Wednesday 13 June – Summer Is Here! Wednesday 4 July – Independence Day Wednesday 26 August - Fly Me To The Moon