Art Gallery

Those wishing to admire a carefully curated collection of contemporary Greek art will enjoy spending time in our small art gallery, created in partnership with the renowned Athens-based Skoufa Gallery.

Between 8 May and 31 August 2018 we are proud to be showcasing a series of works by the artist George Hadoulis, entitled “Paintings & Ceramics”. These colourful creations are infused with the exuberance of a Mediterranean summer.

Inspired by nature, mythology and the human form, George Hadoulis (b. 1966) is one of the most acclaimed artists of his generation working in Greece today. Best known as a painter, he also uses ceramics as his canvas, creating vessels, vases and decorative plates which are painted by hand.

Many of the items are also available to buy.

This is the perfect opportunity to see the work of some of Greece’s upcoming artists in a setting which lends itself beautifully to blending design with craftsmanship. It also provides a unique spot for relaxation and contemplation.