What’s On

July 29 – August 28: We are happy to inform you that art platform DIO HORIA is opening their biggest show to date, entitled Greek Gotham, curated by Maria Brito. This marks the first ever exhibition in Greece to be comprised solely of New York based artists. Conceived and curated by Maria Brito, the show will open on July 29, 2016 on the island of Mykonos at Dio Horia; a new contemporary art platform dedicated to exploring the dialogue between contemporary art and culture in Greece and around world. Find out more here

July 31 – August 31: The solo photography exhibition entitled ‘blue’ by Leda de Piart will be inaugurated on Sunday 31 July at Grace Mykonos’s very own gallery, in partnership with the Skoufa Gallery.  The exhibition includes series of photographs taken mostly from the Cycladic islands and is divided in two main sections, one consisting of architectural photographs and one of photographs in which the water element holds the leading part. Following the principles of minimalism, where colours, shapes and lines dominate, Leda de Piart reveals the special character and beauty of the Cyclades uniquely, with the incomparable architecture, the “apollonian” light, the dazzling white and the clear blue colour of the sky and water, all combined together harmoniously in plain compositions compositions.

August 19-23: XLSIOR International Gay Festival – now in its sixth year, this five-day festival makes the most of Mykonos’s legendary nightlife, bringing in a host of DJs and artists from the gay scene.

August 22: On the night of August’s magical full moon, visit the island of Delos to enjoy a concert by Eleftheria Arvanitaki, whose music is inspired by Greek poetry. Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites of the eastern Mediterranean and is protected by UNESCO. All proceeds will support the enhancement and preservation of the site. The concert begins at 8.30pm and there are boats available from and to Mykonos.

September: Harvest Festival – an annual festival which takes place on the second Sunday of September at the Agricultural Museum, within the traditional ‘Boni Windmill’. A great opportunity to join in with the pressing of the grapes, sample some local food and wine and enjoy traditional music.

The patron saints of Mykonos are honoured with festivals and parades throughout the summer. Local churches organise traditional feasts and friends come together to enjoy music and traditional dancing. Look out for these dates during your stay, where visitors are welcome to join the celebrations, August 29 – Agios Ioannis