Spa Treatments

When visiting the Spa House, we invite you to experience one of our many spa treatments. From the overall luxury of the fully body massage, to our exquisite Japan or Hammam Red Flower Treatment Rituals, which will leave the body feeling invigorated and restored. These are just some of the heavenly treatments on offer, as well as a variety of body scrub treatments, rejuvenating facials and other spa services that will highlight your stay at Grace Mayflower Inn & Spa.

We are highly mindful in both the services we provide and the products we select. You can relax knowing that we only use quality products that are safe, natural, and effective. Your wellbeing is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our menu of spa services is simply as a starting point. We suggest that guests, who are planning to take in multiple services, utilize a personal wellness advisor to design a custom experience based on his or her unique goals. Our signature program includes 6 credits daily to mix and match from each dimension of wellness, all guided by the expertise of the personal wellness advisor.

The Gift of Spa & Wellness

Combat the winter blues and indulge in The Gift of Spa and Wellness. Our soothing and effective Custom Facial leaves you refreshed and renewed while the Mayflower Blend massage offers much-needed relaxation culminating in a harmonious blend to wellness.

Custom Facial: our expert aestheticians will tailor a soothing and effective treatment for your specific skin type and unique concerns, including dehydration, sensitive skin, mature skin, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation. You will benefit deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a targeted masque leaving skin looking healthier, brighter and renewed.

The Mayflower Blend: Long gliding strokes combined with deeper pressure and kneading techniques are used to achieve a balanced blend of light Swedish and deep tissue massage. The perfect blend for wellness.

For more information, please contact one of our spa advisors at +1 860 619 7016

Japan – A Ritual of Energy and Balance

Inspired by the thorough art of caring for the body, this energizing and vitalizing body treatment blends layers of exceptional ingredients and pure scents deeply into the skin to stimulate blood flow through the body. A vigorous exfoliation using warming gingergrass and bamboo releases vital energy throughout the body. Tapotement with organic rice bran scented with cherry blossoms eases muscle tension. Awaken to purifying yuzu mimosa sea algae and anti-oxidant rich rose camellia mist. Last, the whole body is stretched and hydrated in a shiatsu-inspired massage with wild lime silk oil, and softness is protected with an application of plum blossom and silk cream. 90 minutes $265