Elemental Wellness

Like the oceans of the world and the stars in the sky we are composed of the same chemical elements of all creation.  Each of us has a special constitution and therefore a unique biochemical balance. Our predominant characteristics, innate physical and emotional qualities are our constitution. Knowing your constitution allows you to know your body and mind better. We are at our very best when our inherent constitution is in balance.

In our signature Elemental Body Therapies, your advanced wellness therapist will determine your constitution and customize your blend to deliver transdermal nutrition for your unique biochemical needs. This approach is much more effective than taking supplements because mineral nutrients are meant to be provided synergistically. Our constitutional blends from Earth Matters Apothecary are synergistically formulated with marine elements, wild algae, medicinal clays, wild herbs and organic essential oils.  The oils act as catalysts to the marine elements, promoting nutrient absorption and detoxification, enhancing the regenerative effects as well as a sense of wellbeing. It is through these therapies and specially designed meals that we can promote optimal vitality within ourselves.