A Spiritual Escape: 5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga on Holiday

7 Sep , 2016  

Long before Prometheus, helper of mankind, trickster and master craftsman, people were attuning themselves with the practice of yoga and meditation. To learn more about these powerful healing properties, we spoke to our resident yoga expert at Grace Santorini, Sjaan van de Langenberg. Here, she shares her thoughts on the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation whilst on holiday.


  1. You’ll be able to deepen your relaxation
    A different destination takes you away from your daily life, and the stresses and distractions that go with it. Being away from your usual routine therefore allows you more space and time to notice how your body and mind are feeling. You’ll have the opportunity to let go of tension, and enter a deeper state of relaxation. You become more mindful and aware of all the sounds and sensations being communicated, making each and every moment more enriching.

MIRAMAR Crouesty

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with nature
    The powerful and healing benefits of yoga and meditation open up a wonderful gateway to connect with nature. While you’re at Grace Santorini, take a break from the pool and choose one of the many spectacular locations that Santorini has to offer to practice yoga and meditation. From the most beautiful vantage points high above the Caldera, to hidden craggy alcoves to ancient ruins, a unique location is a wonderful way to enhance your experience, and heighten positive thought patterns – especially since you’re above sea level too.


  1. You’ll appreciate the beauty that surrounds you more
    The simple act of meditation, connecting your breath and taking the time to notice how your body is feeling, can bring you into a whole new realm of positivity. We can experience the beauty of our surroundings more vividly, and enjoy the delights of a meal more, savouring every flavour of every mouthful. This can all be achieved by simply giving yourself space to clear old undigested stresses and tension.

MIRAMAR Crouesty

  1. You’ll quickly notice your progression
    Yoga is indeed a journey and when practiced daily you begin to improve technique, feel progression and see awareness grow, so don’t neglect your routine whilst you’re on holiday! At the dedicated yoga studio at Grace Santorini, you can participate in complimentary sessions twice daily. I work with guests to ensure each and every one feels the benefit and sees improvement.


  1. You’ll be able to manage patterns of stress and negative feelings more effectively 
    The distance from daily routine, coupled with the different perspective that a new destination provides, will help you to recognise negative feelings within and also patterns of stress. The physical practice of yoga helps us to examine these patterns and thus dissolve negative feelings or stress. Once we peel away these layers and patterns, we heighten the feeling of ‘living in the moment.’

Find out more about yoga and pilates at Grace Santorini.

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