What’s On

July 5 – October 5: 2nd Santorini Biennale – Artists and designers are called to Santorini to explore the mechanisms of peace in the form of art, and how these can be used to fight against violent actions of war, crisis and conflict. This three month art event addresses the conflict of Peace and War present across all countries, cultures and philosophies.

September 4 – 25: International Music Festival – A two-week festival held at Fira where a sizeable crowd attends performances by international acts.

Ifestia Festival | Saturday 16 September 2017 

Santorini will be celebrating the Ifestia Festival this Saturday, commemorating the prehistoric eruption that shaped the island and gave birth to the world famous Caldera. The eruption created this unique and inspiring landscape and the terrain which nourishes the outstanding wines and agricultural products we savor today. This annual tribute to the volcano that never sleeps culminates with a magical firework display over Nea Kammeni volcanic island on Saturday evening.

The Santoro Restaurant & 363 Champagne Lounge at Grace Santorini are one of the best vantage points from which to enjoy this unique celebration. Our Chef Spyros Agious has created a special menu for you to sample the culinary treasures of Greece, while taking in the fireworks in the bay below. For this special evening, a live piano performance will complement a gastronomic journey filled with flavors, visuals and sounds under the stars.

October 3: Art of Motion – The world’s best free running athletes return every year to astound the crowds. The traditional cobbled, narrow streets, terraces and canopies will again be the playing field for these talented individuals. Santorini has now established itself as one of the top destinations for this growing sport and parkour organisers have concluded that nowhere in the world is there a more beautiful natural “pitch”.