Top 5 Must-Sees

  1. Watch the sunset at Grace Santorini: This is truly one of the best vantage points to witness the famed Santorini sunsets that envelop the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades Islands. Sip one of our Grace cocktails – a unique blend of apple juice, pear purée, lemon juice and premium vodka with a hint of lemongrass, as you watch the soft orange glow merge with the deep blue hues of the Mediterranean sky.
  2. Visit the Volcanic rocks and hot springs by boat: Indulge in a truly therapeutic experience and swim in the most unique hot springs in the world. Discover volcanic formations and choose your very own swimming and sunbathing spot while cruising on your motor yacht.
  3. Watch a movie at the open-air cinema: located on the main road in Kamari, the open-air cinema is a great experience for a romantic evening under the stars or with family and friends.
  4. Visit the ancient site of Akrotiri, also known as the “Minoan Pompeii” which was destroyed and covered by the ashes of an enormous volcanic eruption in 1450BC. The settlement contained sophisticated multi-story buildings and magnificent fresco paintings signifying just how advanced the Minoans were at that stage. Combine this with a visit to the Museum of Prehistoric Thira in Fira, which features pieces collected during various excavations. The museum also comprises outside galleries (including three original fresco paintings of the Akrotiri archaeological site), from where you can enjoy a stunning view while soaking up the fascinating stories.
  5. Explore the local wine-making tradition. The volcano is also responsible for the excellent wine that Santorini produces, due to the high mineral content in the soil. Visit the Wine Museum at Koutsoyannopoulos and explore a multitude of different wineries around the island that are open to tastings. Most wineries do not need an appointment for tastings.