Destination Guide

Grace Panama forms part of Twist Tower in Panama City’s traditional and upscale Obarrio district – the perfect luxury location for a travel and business boutique hotel in Panama.

Discover the diversity of the cosmopolitan city of Panama – a vibrant modern metropolis on the Pacific Ocean with a vast banking community, trade center, shopping heaven and modern skyscrapers overlooking the Panama Bay. Contemplate the modern architectural designs of its high-rise buildings; transport yourself to the 16th century by visiting the ruins of the first European city on the Pacific coast of the Americas, the original Panama City; walk the streets of the charming historical second city of Panama, “Casco Viejo”, comprising a mix of Spanish and French Colonial architecture dating from the 1400s to the 1800s.

Opulent Tropical Panama

Panama, heart of the Americas: a country rich in natural resources, folklore and traditions. Two oceans can be reached in just two hours, so you may have breakfast in the Pacific and lunch in the Atlantic. The Panama Canal is a crucial link that joins the Atlantic to the Pacific, marrying east with west in global commerce. Panama is defined by pristine beaches and lush rainforests, with over 1,500 islands and 500 rivers on its Pacific and Caribbean coasts, spectacular mountains and highlands, historic sites, a multi-ethnic capital city and a vibrant nightlife.

The Republic of Panama also boasts the only tropical rainforest within a city limits in the world. 35% of the world’s flora and fauna diversity nestles in Panama whilst natural reserves and parks make up 25% of the territory, home to 220 species of mammals, 240 reptiles, 1000 birds and 10,000 species of vascular plants. The tropical climate means beautiful weather and warm waters the whole year round.