When visiting the Spa House, we invite you to experience one of our many spa treatments. From the overall luxury of the fully body Mayflower massage, to our exquisite Japan or Hammam Red Flower Treatment Rituals, which will leave the body feeling invigorated and restored. These are just some of the heavenly treatments on offer, as well as a variety of body scrub treatments, rejuvenating facials and other spa services that will highlight your stay at The Mayflower Grace.

Elemental Wellness Therapies
Like the oceans of the world and the stars in the sky we are composed of the same chemical elements of all creation.  Each of us has a special constitution and therefore a unique biochemical balance. Our predominant characteristics, innate physical and emotional qualities are our constitution. Knowing your constitution allows you to know your body and mind better. We are at our very best when our inherent constitution is in balance.
In our signature Elemental Body Therapies, your advanced wellness therapist will determine your constitution and customize the experience for your unique biochemical needs.
Our constitutional blends are synergistically formulated with wild crafted nutrient rich marine plants, medicinal clays, organic herbs and organic essential oils.  Essential oils act as catalysts to the marine elements, promoting nutrient absorption, detoxification, enhancing the regenerative effects and a sense of wellbeing.

Total Immersion


Engage in a nurturing, wholistic experience of nature‚Äôs restorative potential with the Total Immersion. Soak in the elements of personal nourishment with this synergistic hydrotherapy followed by a mineral rich constitutional wrap, our signature "61 Points of Light" energy balancing, an aromatic face massage and guided relaxation. The ultimate journey home to your essential self. 
(90 minutes, $265)


Winter Spa Offer

Savor your relaxation time this winter and receive one of our 90 minute treatments for the price of a 60 minute treatment Monday through Thursday. Choose from:

  • Seasonal  Special  Swedish Massage
  • Seasonal  Special  Deep Tissue Massage
  • Seasonal  Customized Facial 
 *Please be sure to ask for the 'Winter Spa Offer' when you book, to receive the promotion. Offer not valid on weekends. Treatments must be booked and enjoyed between March 1st, 2015 and April 30th, 2015. Discount is applied before service charge.
For more information or to make a reservation please contact The Mayflower Grace Spa at 860 868 9466.