Grace Group

Attention to detail and thoughtful little touches ensure that every stay is effortless; a charming and graceful pleasure. The accommodation offers comfortable elegance. The ambience is peaceful, relaxed, refined. Expect spas, salons and amenities to refresh, pamper and indulge you. The finest food and drink. Consummate service delivered with a smile, placing every guest at ease. That’s our promise.

With global plans for beach hotels, hotel and residence complexes and city centre hotels, each Grace offers a distinctive boutique experience.

The Grace experience is uplifting. It gently whispers rather than shouts. The fragrance of the soap…the softness of the bathrobes…the choice of fine teas and fresh-ground coffees…the sparkle of the heated pools…the perfect blend of every cocktail…gracefully considered, gracefully delivered.

The Libra Group

The Grace Hotels Group is wholly owned by the Libra Group, a family-owned international business group comprising 30 subsidiaries across five continents. The group is focused on shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality and renewable energy as well as selected diversified investments. Libra has global hotel and hospitality interests spanning Europe, North Africa, North, Central and South America and Asia.

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